Adults Can Learn to Live Longer, Healthier & Independently at Any Age

Introducing HealthyLifetime™, the only comprehensive, personalized and researched healthy aging program of its kind. This program is specifically designed to work with adults to teach them how to remain independent, as they grow older.


Adults Can Live Longer, Healthier & Independently at Any Age

Introducing HealthyLifetime™, the only comprehensive, personalized and researched healthy aging program of its kind. This program is specifically designed to work with adults to teach them how to remain independent, as they grow older.

The Senior Independence Problem

Everyone wants to remain healthy, independent, and at home as they age, but are not sure how to do that.

Current solutions tend to focus only on treating and managing chronic conditions, overlooking the importance of independence. This lack of independence ultimately leads to high utilization of healthcare services, increased hospitalizations, and elevated medical expenses.


The HealthyLifetime Solution

The HealthyLifetime Program was developed by Nurse Researchers from the University of Michigan who have been studying the science of what helps people age well for 30+ years.

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Our program assesses the unique constellation of factors affecting aging adults that threaten their independence daily. Using our research, HealthyLifetime unravels these factors and teaches individuals how to overcome personal challenges that would impede their ability to live an independent life.

HealthyLifetime is an all virtual, 8-week therapeutic program administered by specially-trained Nurse Health Coaches. The program is built on 30+ years of science and evidence that supports people in positive ways to retain their health by learning the skills needed to remain independent and high functioning through life. The program succeeds because it:

1. Identifies people who are at risk for losing their independence

2. Guides participants through a personal journey to help them remain independent

3. Measures the results to demonstrate what was accomplished

Independent Living

Leading the way for organizations supporting aging adults looking for a path forward to a healthier, longer, independent life.

The HealthyLifetime program brings benefits not only to the institutions and organizations implementing it but also to the end users— their subscribers, customers, and employees.

  • Distinctive service differentiation against competitors

  • Reduces your effort in supporting members, residents, and subscribers

  • Improves satisfaction rates

  • Effortless onboarding with comprehensive training support for your nursing staff

  • Seamless implementation

  • Integration of proven scientific methods for long-lasting results

The Independent Living Index™

HealthyLifetime’s proprietary Independent Living Index (ILI) is a comprehensive measurement refined over the past four years to determine how well an individual is equipped to live independently. This gold standard index encompasses critical factors such as overall health, social engagement, health habits, daily functional capabilities, and more, serving as a key component of our 8-week nurse-based coaching program.

We utilize the Index to assess participants’ ability and confidence in leading a more independent life, resulting in visible score improvements and subsequent reductions in medical costs. Our primary goal is to enhance individuals’ Independent Living Index scores by addressing the unique constellation of issues that could pose a threat to their independence. Demonstrating consistent effectiveness, HealthyLifetime not only improves these scores but also significantly lowers future medical costs. Our research has revealed that older adults can gain three to four additional years of independence and save an average of $16,000-$20,000 per year when your organization is their care provider.

Comprehensive Outcomes

HealthyLifetime has achieved results that speak for themselves

  • Reduced medical and care costs

  • Heightened proficiency in problem-solving and decision-making skills

  • Enhanced self-assurance and capabilities for independent living

  • Improved quality of life mindset toward having an independent future

  • Enhanced communication skills with healthcare professionals, friends, and family

  • Reinforced commitment and adeptness in staying physically and socially active

  • Elevated abilities for preventing mental and physical decline, managing chronic health conditions, and complying with medications

Our Clients’ Positive Program Experiences

“This experience has opened my eyes. I didn’t realize how much space in my brain, weight loss, public opinion and family comments affected me on a daily basis. I have changed my mindset 180 degrees. This was a ‘freeing’ experience for me.  I shall carry this with me always.”

“I learned so much about how to live a happier, healthier life and that’s important….”

“I was at one of the lowest places of my life when I began the program. I am back on track and working at an even higher level … This program has changed my life for the better.”


“This has given me license to say I get to keep who I am and what I like as part of this journey…It’s been very liberating and empowering.”

“… the nurse worked with me to address this problem and now I feel like I’m 50 again. I’m doing things around the house and…projects again” [an 80+ year old participant]”

“It [HealthyLifetime Program] became available at a very important moment in my life. I was coming off two years of caregiving to my husband and working through the grief of his loss. I had come to a point that I needed to focus on me now and my health and well-being. The program helped me to set and focus on goals and my approach to them.”