Staff Evaluation

The HealthyLifetime program includes staff assessments, which allows you to quickly identify the staff members who are performing at a high level as well as those who may need some additional training. We can assist you in interpreting the results and how to best support the staff in their learning.

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Program Reimbursement

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) can request reimbursement through CMS (Medicare) or private insurance for the HealthyLifetime™ program. We can help you develop a strategy and methods for reimbursement.

Identifying and Targeting User Groups

We can assist you in identifying the residents or users of the HealthyLifetime program and how to encourage their attendance in the program.

Continued Improvement Tailored to Your Environment

A core tenet of the HealthyLifetime program is that it is tailored to each individual’s needs and skill set. We have created a program that will meet the individual where they are today to make a better tomorrow.