June 25, 2024

What Do Your Residents Need & Want? A Focus Group Study With CCRC Residents

If you operate senior independent living facilities in the United States, it can be challenging to understand what your residents want and need. Recently, HealthyLifetime executives visited a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) to facilitate a focus group to gain valuable insights into residents’ experiences and perspectives as key stakeholders in healthy aging programs. The primary objective was to understand the CCRC residents’ unique needs and preferences when considering programs designed to extend their years of independence.

What Concerns Affect a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

HealthyLifetime executives initiated the discussion by asking CCRC residents about their concerns as they age and what they consider important in this phase of life. This is what the focus group revealed:

Concerns Important Factors
Maintaining Health Independence
Becoming Dependent Quality of Life
Quality of Life Relationships
Independence Strength & Staying Strong
Mental Acuity
Losing Mobility

What Does “Senior Independent Living” Mean to CCRC Residents?

The focus group’s responses underscored a critical correlation: what concerns CCRC residents as they age often aligns with what they also prioritize. The next discussion point concerned the concept of “independence” and what it meant to the residents as they aged. The residents responded with:

  • “Staying mentally and physically strong enough so I can adventure” (86%)
  • “Ability to live on my own” (79%)
  • “Ability of the environment I live in to continue to offer independent living programs” (64%)

Residents’ responses emphasized three main points: 1) there is a strong motivator to remain active so they can still engage in new experiences, 2) maintaining their capability to live independently is crucial for their sense of freedom and self-reliance, and 3) the environment’s capacity to support and offer healthy aging programs that foster independence is vital.

What Do Residents Desire to Improve Their Quality of Life?

To conclude the focus group, HealthyLifetime executives asked residents what they desire in a program aimed at healthy aging and remaining independent. The key elements they highlighted were:

  • “Individualized to Me” – Personalization is paramount. Residents want programs tailored to their unique needs and circumstances.
  • “Track Record of Success” – Proven efficacy is essential. Residents seek programs with a history of delivering positive outcomes.
  • “Accessible to Me” – Accessibility is crucial. Programs should be easily reachable and convenient for all residents.
  • “High-Quality Nurse Coaches” – The presence of skilled, compassionate nurses is a top priority. Quality nurse coaching makes a significant difference in the residents’ lives.

Get Additional Healthy Aging & Independent Living Insights

The focus group study provided invaluable insights into the preferences and needs of CCRC/Life Plan Community residents regarding healthy aging programs. Such insights are instrumental in shaping the future direction of healthy aging initiatives, ensuring they remain aligned with the values and needs of the residents. By prioritizing personalization, proven efficacy, accessibility, and quality nurse coaching, these programs can effectively support residents in their pursuit of independence and a higher quality of life. Get additional insights from this focus group study and more through our blogs or contacting us.

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