How the Program Works

HealthyLifetime is delivered entirely online, right to a person’s home on their computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The Nurse Health Coaches help participants gain insights into their preferences, patterns, motivations, and barriers. Our program equips participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for long-term independence, fostering self-efficacy and resilience along the way. We empower individuals to make meaningful changes and lead fulfilling lives through personalized support and tailored resources.

In the program, the individual will:

  • Focus on what’s important to them to work on;
  • Learn how to identify the issues that are holding them back from reaching their independence goals; and
  • Find solutions for achieving their goals for a healthier, richer and independent life.

The HealthyLifetime Program succeeds because it:

  1. Identifies people who are at risk for losing their independence
  2. Guides participants through a personal journey to help them remain independent
  3. Measures the results to demonstrate what was accomplished

What Sets HealthyLifetime Apart

With over 30 years of research behind us, we have created a nurse coaching program for independent living. We specially trained our nurse coaches to deliver the HealthyLifetime program for maximum results.

We prioritize long-term indicators of health and independent living over short-term disease outcomes. Our approach is highly personalized, with each individual setting goals based on their unique needs and issues. We don’t promote a predetermined set of goals but focus on self-selected goals, learning, and empowerment. We work closely with participants to help them achieve better health outcomes. While we consider short-term cost savings, our primary focus is on long-term cost reduction and the overall benefit of the individual’s independence.

Our research has consistently demonstrated significant improvements in individuals’ way of thinking about their health, functioning, and independence. We specialize in enhancing independent agency, resiliency, and self-efficacy/self-confidence, empowering individuals to maintain long-term independence with confidence.

Independent Agency

We believe in promoting independence agency – the ability for individuals to see themselves as in control of their lives. Our approach mobilizes and empowers individuals, enabling them to move forward with confidence and autonomy.

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Resiliency for Long-Term Independence

Facing life’s challenges with resilience is crucial. At HealthyLifetime, we help individuals develop resilience by changing how they think and talk to themselves. By fostering a recommitment to personal goals, we support individuals in overcoming barriers and achieving long-term success.

Self-Confidence & Self-Efficacy

Through our personalized approach, we target the top 10 critical factors that impact longevity, high-functioning, and independence. Our unique focus on these factors, supported by evidence from multiple studies, sets us apart. We empower individuals to improve their self-confidence and enhance self-efficacy, recognizing that personal growth and resilience are integral components of one’s independence journey. We understand that every individual is unique, and our approach reflects this by addressing personal needs and goals.

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The Cascade Effect

Our program goes beyond short-term changes by instigating a cascade effect. As individuals gain insights and new self-talk skills, they become empowered to take action and improve their Independence Living Index (ILI) factors. This empowerment extends beyond the program’s duration, leading to long-lasting improvements in cognitive function and overall well-being.

Program Tools

Getting to Know You

A Comprehensive Personal Health Assessment is conducted to help evaluate the participants’ risks of losing their independence and identify barriers that would impact their independence.

Participants will then conduct an Independence Strengthening Action Plan where they begin to develop short and long-term goals with the help and guidance of their Nurse Health Coach.

Participants will undergo an eight-week process of Weekly Sessions with a Nurse Health Coach who uses HealthyLifetime’s six strategies to help participants gain insight, learn the skills, and guidance to the action steps and lifelong habits needed to meet and sustain the goals they made for themselves.

Additional Tools

Methods/Tools to Track Program Progress

Tools and Guides to track the participants’ progress and help them better understand what helps or hinders their progress, what patterns are most meaningful and effective, and how to assess their progress.

Health/Community Resources & Video Chats with Health Experts

Program participants gain access to a library of trusted articles and videos, a Private Chat feature with their Nurse Coach, and a Community Chat feature with other program members.

Additional Follow-up Check-in Sessions with Nurse Health Coach

After participants complete the initial concentrated program, additional virtual follow-up sessions with their Nurse Health Coach will be available at an additional cost to help them with their independence, as needed.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It
Listen To The Experts

“The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is committed to supporting the health, safety, and stability of all those living in our state. Part of fulfilling that mission includes the development of programs that reduce risk, promote healthy habits, and improve the lives of Michigan residents. The HealthyLifetime program is virtually connecting adults with nurse health coaches to develop safe, measurable health outcomes that are transforming lives. These online interventions are an important part of preventative care, both breaking barriers for those that lack access to services and engaging individuals so they can remain independent. The HealthyLifetime program is empowering people to be proactive with their health, and we look forward to the continued success of this innovative program.”

Crystal Kline
Financial Manager, Medicaid Program
Medical Services Administration Leadership Team
Michigan Department of Health & Human Services

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Our Clients’ Positive Program Experiences

“It became available and a very important moment in my life. I was coming off two years of caregiving to my husband and working through the grief of his loss. I had come to a point that I needed to focus on me now and my health and well-being. The program helped me to set and focus on goals and my approach to them.”

“I learned so much about how to live a happier, healthier life and that’s important….”

“This was hugely impactful for me to completely change my health and wellness. I have lost over 60 pounds and feel like a whole new person. I have created habits including healthy eating, exercise, and good sleep habits. I am very grateful and happy to have been part of the program”


“This has given me license to say I get to keep who I am and what I like as part of this journey…It’s been very liberating and empowering.”

“I love the concept of a program like this. I felt it really helped me to reframe my relationship to my health. I definitely felt like I was in the driver’s seat of my journey.”

“It [HealthyLifetime Program] became available at a very important moment in my life. I was coming off two years of caregiving to my husband and working through the grief of his loss. I had come to a point that I needed to focus on me now and my health and well-being. The program helped me to set and focus on goals and my approach to them.”