Program Overview

HealthyLifetime is a Nurse Health Coaching Program developed to equip you with the know-how and skills to achieve and maintain independence and your best health—physical, mental, emotional, and social–now, and for your future. HealthyLifetime is offered to insurance companies, health systems, and retirement communities. If you live in Michigan, we can offer the program to you as an individual.

The program works to help you live independently longer. Who doesn’t want that? Contact us to get started.

Why You Need HealthyLifetime

We know that people 40 years or older can gain 10 or more disease-free years if they focus on key areas of their life. Even for those already facing health challenges, adopting healthier lifestyle choices now can significantly reduce the impact of these issues on future quality of life.

The HealthyLifetime program targets crucial factors supported by scientific research that can lead to an extended Disease Free Health Span.

  • Enhanced health-related problem-solving and decision-making

  • Cultivating social connections

  • Nurturing relationships

  • Prioritizing emotional well-being

  • Tailored nutrition for older adults

  • Maintaining an active lifestyle

  • Effective management of health and emotional concerns

Program Benefits

HealthyLifetime is a life-changing choice that has been proven to help aging adults take charge of their health and their life.

  • Increases ability to live independently longer
  • Increases knowledge and skill level
  • Lowers the fear of losing independence
  • Increases happiness and quality of life and health
  • Is conveniently delivered online direct to your home

High Participant Satisfaction

Former participants in the HealthyLifetime program were either “Extremely” or “Very Satisfied” with the program, giving it high marks for:

  • The goal setting and how it helped them accomplish their desired goals
  • The Nurse Coach expertise, coaching and feedback
  • The encouragement and non-judgmental attitudes of the Nurse Coaches
  • How it re-awakened in them a “knowingness” of how to live healthy and a “willingness” to want to live this way
  • Its focus on self-reflection on what is really important to them today, and in the future

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