The HealthyLifetime Program is Built for:


Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) striving to keep your residents healthy, independent, and in their current retirement community homes—wherever that may be. This program is fully covered by insurance.

Health Plans and Systems

Health plans and systems are always concerned about rising healthcare costs. This is true across all lines of business, from ASO plans to fully insured plans. It is crucial for your business to have robust program differentiation and cost containment strategies and get reimbursed.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Addressing the needs of the aging population is central to the mission of Medicare. Implementing solid programs that help both the deferment and possible elimination of higher-cost services is a key driver to success.

Improving Senior Health Outcomes

Insurers and other organizations that care about, and are engaged with, people as they age, are also concerned about the cost implications of people losing their independence and/or dealing with chronic health conditions, so they want to see people learn how to live healthier, more independent lives, resulting in lower care, lower claims, and lower medical use.

HealthyLifetime is a program that meets your organization’s needs—whatever they may be. Developed by some of the country’s leading experts in the science of healthy aging from the University of Michigan, and delivered by specially trained nurse coaches trained in our methodology, this program has proven outcomes.

These outcomes have been measured through numerous trials on diverse populations. The outcomes show improvement in the Independent Living Index – a measure that we track in all of our clients – and related to lower medical use and care costs which can easily total $20,000 per year. Our clients show greater self-efficacy, that is, their beliefs that executing their HealthyLifetime plan- the critical building block to a longer, healthier  and independent life.

Participants are also highly satisfied after being in the program, suggesting they’ll stick with the action steps they undertook even after the program ends. HealthyLifetime can increase independent living by at least three years.

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Outcomes Achieved from HealthyLifetime Program

HealthyLifetime™ has been proven to produce the outcomes that aging adults require to live well, and age well. These include:

  • Significant improvement in the Independent Living Index score
  • Improved ‘state of mind’ toward having an independent future – a higher independent agency, resiliency, and confidence in the future.
  • Better health-related problem-solving and decision making
  • Increased independent living confidence and abilities
  • Improved medication compliance

  • Strengthened engagement and skill in staying active and engaged
  • Greater skill in managing chronic health problems
  • High program satisfaction
  • The potential for lower service utilization leading to reduced costs

The program’s outcomes will help justify the cost of this program for your employees, subscribers, members, residents, etc. The average savings in medical services (i.e., unplanned clinic, ER, and hospitalizations) per client is estimated at $1,328* for each additional year of independent living. The market tells us once individuals lose their independence, it costs a minimum of $4,000 to maintain.

*Derived from Consumer Health Ratings 2022 estimated national averages for adults.
Note: All participants in our studies were medically stable to qualify for the program.

Health/Medical Issues HealthyLifetime Can Address

HealthyLifetime’s Nurse Coaches specialize in addressing a wide range of issues that impede an individual’s independence, health and medical issues that are often overlooked in traditional clinic visits.These include impending or changing isolationism or withdrawal, signs of memory impairment or decline, chronic medical conditions, balance issues, home safety concerns, communications with healthcare professionals, emotional changes, and various other issues affecting overall well-being. Through personalized support and comprehensive assessments, our nurse coaches ensure that individuals receive holistic care that addresses their unique constellation of issues and promotes independence.

Customized Pricing Models

Whether you are interested in a capitated pricing structure or a per-use pricing structure; we have a pricing package that is right for you. Capitated pricing provides you with a fixed cost for an entire population and the per-use model allows you to pay as people use the program. Some organizations want to share the cost with participants and some want to make the program free for their participants. We also provide nurse training for your nursing staff on our program through our Institute on a fee basis.

We begin by understanding your goals, your members, and staff resources and then our team of analysts will construct a unique pricing plan for you that matches your needs and your budget.

Funding Options include: Programmatic and Community Member

Here are CPT/HCPCS codes that can be reimbursed through CMS (Medicare) or private insurance for HealthyLifetime.

  • Telehealth Visits:99202-99205; 99211-99215
  • Online Digital Visits:99421-99423; 98970-98972; G2061-G2063
  • Home or Resident Services:99341-99350
  • Health & Wellness Coaching: 0591T-0593T; T1020-T1022

*Billable rates vary depending on locality and/or insurance type

Additionally, the use of text messaging as a form of both task reminder and engagement channel could be viewed as a potential avenue for payment. For example, in the CCM program, CMS will pay for communication with patients, which has increasingly included text message strategies.

Future Updates: because the market is active, HealthyLifetime™ intends to update this information when opportunities, policy changes, and/or evolving services are made available.

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