These videos help explain why it’s important to learn what you can do now to help you stay healthier and independent longer as you age, which is what HealthyLifetime is all about. As adults start to think about retirement, some of their biggest fears are losing their independence, declining health, and the rising cost of healthcare expenses. So, taking action to make and adopt healthier choices sooner, rather than later, is one way to address these fears. Check out these videos to learn more about the importance of a “healthy aging” mindset and set of habits and practices.

Then let HealthyLifetime be your partner on the path to living well, living longer, and living more independently.

The Science of Healthy Aging: Six Keys to a Long, Healthy Life

Add Life to Years through Healthy Aging

Food for Thought: The Role of Nutrition in Healthy Aging

What is the Decade of Healthy Aging?